Thursday, 22 April 2010

Popular Words on YouTube

I've pulled together all user comments from the Periodic Table of Videos YouTube channel.

It totaled more than 450,000 words.

And with the wonders of modern technology (and a handy website called Tag Crowd) here are the 50 most popular.

A bigger graphic showing the top 100 and the number of occurences can be found on our Flickr page (click on "all sizes" when you get there for a better look).

And here's what ever-popular Worldle spat out... Looks a bit different!

Bigger version found here
(again click "all sizes" for a better look).

Little surprise the most common words included "video" and "element".

But some other interesting inclusions were "hair" thanks to Professor Poliakoff, "awesome" and "thanks".

We're hoping to have some university experts have a closer look for any interesting trends, but the word clouds are just fun to look at.

(Note this was for video and channel comments made on our videos to 21 April, 2010)


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