Saturday, 3 April 2010

Sherwood Forest Interviews

The Sherwood Forest Interviews is a small series I'm doing about energy research at the University of Nottingham.

The latest installment (the fourth so far) is an interview with Ian Dwyer.

(Love the end of this video, when the passers-by stop and watch!)

So why film the interviews in Sherwood Forest?

There are a few reasons....

1. We want to make the link with Nottingham, where the research is being done. Sherwood Forest does this nicely, because it's the setting for much of Robin Hood's famed rivalry with the Sheriff of Nottingham.

2. Showing the researchers in a lovely forest setting helps reinforce that the work has an environmental component.

3. It's a bit prettier being out in the forest rather than an office or lab (or in front of a blue screen) where these sorts of interviews are typically filmed!

Who knows, with a big Robin Hood film due for release soon, a few extra people may even stumble over the videos.

I'm posting them to YouTube on the nottinghamscience channel where they have a dedicated playlist.

There's also a Sherwood Forest Interviews page on Test Tube.

The main site for the University of Nottingham's energy research can be found here.

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