Monday, 8 October 2012

Caricature Portrait

This caracicature of the periodicvideos team has been sent by Jon Harsem, a Norwegian viewer who lives in Sydney.

I think it's very clever and based on this photo of the team taken quite a while back.

As much as I like it, I don't think I'll be using it as my profile picture any time soon.

I seem to have ended up looking like Sloth from The Goonies!

Anyways, below is the email from Jon who sent the picture in.

And here is a link to the image on Flickr.

And here are some more caricatures.


Brought to you by the not-really-too-much-time-department - it's a bit rough but functional =).

My apologies to Profs Stockman, Walsh; Moses - I'll add them in due course but perhaps will start with some caricatures first - lets see where my mood takes me, I recon Prof Moriarty + guitar + rocking pose is an epic picture waiting to happen =).

I haven't watched *any* TV for the last three weeks but rather have your Youtube videos running - and given the number of them (started with periodic videos but I am more of a physics-kinda-guy) I doubt I'll be stopping soon.

Thanks also to Ed Copeland for being the first person to explain the extra-dimensional universe to me using a cadbury creme egg in a way that I (kind of) got - the result being that I have started watching Stanford's Quantum mechanics course on iTunes U.

A bit of a meta-note but the reason all of this works so well is that these guys are human, Ed Copeland's amazement seeing the particle detector at CERN was real, obviously real.

James' dismay about his Phd funding was heart-wrenching and the video conveyed that. So in some ways you manage not only to educate, which I guess is your primary goal, but also to ground your characters - which is your achievement as the journalist - well played.

Whatever the university is paying (if anything) I wouldn't hesitate to say it's not enough.

For your viewer statistics - 39 year old Norwegian living in Sydney =)


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