Thursday, 8 March 2012

Meet Professor Carbon

This is nine-year-old Joshua, from Northern California.

He's is a big chemistry fan and - we're pleased to hear - recently discovered The Periodic Table of Videos.

Josh's mother, Kerry, got in touch this week, saying: "My son... has been fascinated by the Periodic Table since he was 4 years old! He has been asked to give several presentations at his school and is very well read on the subject.

"We just found out about your site and Joshua is really excited to have his picture shown, please please please include it on your website!"

Kerry also mentioned that Josh's friends call him "Professor Carbon".

I had to ask for the reason behind that, and it was explained.

"He likes to be called Professor Carbon because he dressed up as a scientist for Halloween a couple of years ago. Would you like to see pictures?"

Umm, yes please (see below)!

Kerry further explained: "Joshua is a very clever little boy, not sure if you have heard of it, but he is a 'young scholar' with The Davidson Institute, which is an organization for profoundly gifted children.

"We have a chemisty mentor for him, who has put us in contact with a Professor at UC Davis.

"We have actually been invited on Friday to take a tour of their Lab, which Joshua is very excited about!"

Kerry also said Josh was excited about the upcoming Pi Day on 14 March.

I suggest Professor Carbon keeps a close eye on my Numberphile channel...  A Pi extravaganza is planned!


  1. Great! He should work on his hairstyle though. And of course he needs a periodic table tie! :-)

  2. He's too young for The Professor's hairstyle... that takes years of work!!!

  3. That's awesome! Nothing makes me happier than seeing kids who are really interested in science who will turn into future generations of scientists. Reminds me of myself at his age with my little chemistry set. :-)

  4. LOL I'm 10 years old, my name is Joshua, and I LOVE chemistry too!!!!!! :D That's awesome!!!

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