Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Best Pizza in Town

A brief departure from my usual talk of science and videos and stuff like that.

Today my good mate "Hoffers" opened a pizza bar in our home town Adelaide.

It's not just any pizza place - it's a Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar.

Hoffers has put his career as an airline pilot on hold to pursue his foodie passions!

I did my part this morning (at 5.30am UK time) by waking early and ordering the very first pizza... a BBQ chicken with feta cheese (below).

It was picked up and eaten and by mate Tim (also below)!

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I followed the process minute-by-minute with text messages and photos.

Here's Hoffers spiking the historic order (below again).

If you're from Adelaide, please visit Hoffers' Crust store and support a good man following his dreams.

235 Henley Beach Road, Torrensville, 5031
Order Online:
PHONE: 08 8234 7077
Deliver areas: Henley Beach, Henley Beach South, Fulham Gardens, Fulham, West Beach, Kidman Park, Flinders Park, Allenby Gardens, West Hindmarsh, Hindmarsh, Welland, Torrensville, Thebarton, Mile End, Lockleys, Underdale, Brooklyn Park, Cowandilla, Hilton

And follow the store on Facebook for news and offers.

Hoffers is the big tall guy behind the counter. Mention periodicvideos or sixtysymbols and he might throw in a few extra anchovies?!


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