Saturday, 3 December 2011

Single Muslims watching Bibledex?

I always insist that my Bibledex series is NOT aimed at Christians.

The videos - about every book and various vereses in the Bible - are targeted at a neutral audience.

Basically anyone who just wants to find out what's in the book - some background to its history, geography, possible writers, trivia, interpretations, etc.

However Google's automated advertising is perhaps being overly optimistic by plastering the YouTube channel with advertisements targeting single Muslims!?

I now some people with Muslim faith watch the videos - but I'm not sure they're too numerous?

PS: See an earlier blog post about amusing advertising on my videos.


  1. I'm Muslim and just watched a bit of this channel. I don't remember a single Muslim ad on your channel but I do see it on YouTube a lot.

  2. Anyone have experience with
    single muslim