Friday, 23 December 2011

Chemical Reactions Compilation

Here's a compilation of reactions from The Periodic Table of Videos.

If any catch your eye, you can find the full videos in the list of links below.

Don't say I never do anything for you... And don't hesitate to point out any wrong links or errors. I haven't had time to double check them all.

0.03 Apollo Lunar Lift-Off Chemistry:
0.06 Pete's Coloured Flames:
0.10 Liquid Nitrogen (version 1):
0.16 Pistol Gunpowder: Not in a video yet?
0.20 Helium Balloon cooled with Liquid Nitrogen:
0.27 Cokes Cans in Acid and Base:
0.36 Aqua Regia dissolves gold:
0.39 Fluorine and cotton wool:
0.40 Smashing Liquid Nitrogen Pumpkin:
0.44 Copper Sulphate: Not yet broadcast
0.45 Unbroadcast - but hear about some favourite reactions:
0.52 Unbroadcast - but hear about some favourite reactions:
1.09 Pete's Coloured Flames again:
1.13 Heavy Metals Collide:
1.21 Copper Colour Changes:
1.25 Sulphuric Acid and Sugar:
1.29 Fluorine and Steel Wool:
1.30 Alcohol Distillation:
1.35 Fluorine and Charcoal:
1.37 Fluorine and Cotton Wool:
1.30 Carbon Dioxide under a coin:
1.50 Copper in Nitric Acid: Not in a video yet?
1.52 Gun Powder: Not in a video yet?
1.55 Jim from Thunder and Lightning: Not in a video yet?
2.02 Ammonium Chloride, Zinc and Iodine: Not in a video yet?
2.08 Methane in Sam's Hand:
2.09 Traffic Lights Reaction:
2.22 Reaction: Not in a video yet?
2.25 Luminol from Pete's Cam:
2.29 Frozen Roses Live in Turin:
2.59 Gallium Beating Heart:
3.23 Alcohol Distillation:
3.24 Ethiopian Periodic Table:


  1. A playlist for all the videos in no particular order:

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