Friday, 23 December 2011

A Christmas Hamper of Videos

Over the years - including this one - I've uploaded plenty of videos with a Christmas theme.

Here's some to keep you busy over the festive period!

The Periodic Table of Videos' world-famous Chemistry Christmas tree decorated with molecular models:

Etching "Merry Christmas" on a snowflake:

Stamp collecting meets Biblical studies - and was Mary really a virgin?

Which element would you like for Christmas?

Our tree expert Markus on the Science of Christmas Trees:

And here's Markus on Holly:

Professor Moriarty from Sixty Symbols puts a popular Christmas gift through its paces:

Astronomers and Biblical scholars combine for a bit of fun about the Christmas Star:

Accompanying the above, here's a "Star of Bethlehem Simulation" from Test Tube:


  1. So Cool! I love you guys and this just made my love grow fonder!

  2. I agree with l;osochie - I love you guys too and this is the coollest Christmas Hamper i have watched in ages - bring it on baby! Woot! WEoot! Bam Bang!!