Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Social Media and the Fire Extinguisher

Today I had a glorious insight into the joys - and speed - of social media.

Basically I needed a photo of a fire extinguisher to use in one of my videos (this one, if you're curious).

I needed it quickly.

So, like I sometimes do, I asked my friends on Twitter and Facebook to help.

Within SECONDS I had a phone call from my former BBC colleague - @QuentinRayner

"I'm just taking one now on my phone, what email address shall I send it to," he said, standing in the BBC newsroom.

A few seconds later - and BEFORE Quentin's picture arrived - this photo appeared on Facebook:

It's a photo of Quentin taking the picture, posted by another of my former colleagues.

Sure enough, Quentin's picture arrived a minute later!

I'd barely caught my breath.

Many thanks to other people who also sent photos (including @georgeerice and @jbwan) - I appreciated it.

Surely the best picture - which I was unable to use for reasons which may be apparent - was this one from prolific blogger and bird enthusiast @grrlscientist

Here's the video I needed the picture for: