Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Cool Film and Cool Song

I don't usually feature films on this blog that I didn't create.

But have been wanting to share this one for ages...

Partly because I love mountains and the Eiger's one of my favourites.

And also because of the brilliant song they've used (from about the 1'15" mark).

It's become one of my favourite tracks and I often listen to it while running (as opposed to climbing the Eiger!)

A great example of a song and amazing footage combining to make something special.

The climber is Ueli Steck and the song is Welcome Home by Radical Face.

It's all from a film called Swiss Machine which I've not seen - but would like to!


  1. That is such an amazing thing to do... it's hard not to tear up.

  2. this is a remarkable feat and an awesome video - thanks for sharing!

  3. Made me think of another movie starring the Eiger Mountain: