Thursday, 14 July 2011

A true Periodic Table fan!

Many of you will be aware we have been "collecting" photos of our viewers for a while now.

It's great to see who's watching.

These two photos, which just arrived this evening, definitely caught my eye.

I'll show them first, with explanation below.

The pics came from a chap in Amsterdam.

His email said:

"I like the updates on your videos, I watched them with great joy! All of your videos I've watched on my computer which is on my table, or shall I call it my periodic table?
I'm an element collector, so far i've got 46 (or 47, if you realize that my empty Nitrogen compartment is acually filled for 78% with Nitrogen) and all of my specimens are in my desk.
Keep uploading videos!
Greetings from Amsterdam
PS: I realize my periodic table is upside down, but this way it's more convenient ;)"

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