Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Irish Luck

I'm just back from a brief but successful trip to Dublin, in Ireland.

The main reason was to give a public talk at the Science Gallery.

It was about making science films and, as always, I enjoyed the opportunity to discuss my work.

I also checked out the gallery's excellent "Elements" exhibition, which runs until September 23.

It was really good and any science buff will love it. Worth a cheap flight to Dublin if you can afford it!!!

I was joined on the trip by two of our Irish science stars - Phil Moriarty from Sixty Symbols and Darren Walsh from periodicvideos.

The pair helped me out with a few films we'll be posting in the coming weeks.

Professor Moriarty did three (or "tree", as he would say in his Irish lilt).

We discussed Erwin Schrödinger at the lecture theatre bearing his name at Trinity College.

We also discussed Ireland's only science Nobel Prize winner - Edwin Walton.

And of course we did a video about Guinness, the famous Irish drink which is jam-packed with interesting science stuff.

Dr Walsh joined me at the Science Gallery exhibit I mentioned above, and we'll have some videos coming soon about periodic tables and elements.

They should be fun and will include a few little "gimmicks" that I think chemistry fans will love, including a really cool platinum sample and a periodic table in Braille!

PS: We didn't drink the Guinness - neither Professor Moriarty or I are particularly fond of it!