Sunday, 24 October 2010


Physics and astronomy website Sixty Symbols has been shortlisted for an award.

It's the " web awards" and we're in the President's Prize category (because I think the unusual website didn't fit in any of the normal categories!)

Sixty Symbols started last year with the plan of making sixty films featuring experts from the University of Nottingham.

However when we reached sixty, viewers seemed hungry for more so we embarked on a "second sixty".

I film and edit the videos (and run the website) but all the credit really belongs to the physicists and astronomers.

They've really got into the spirit of Sixty Symbols, which is about smart physics but making it interesting to everyone... And making videos with a human touch and sense of humour.

Each category in the " web awards" will be awarded in pairs - a people's choice and judges award.

Our category has some scarily prestigous judges...

And we're up against some pretty tough competition!

But you can go ahead and vote at

Here are a few of my favourite videos from the project...