Thursday, 7 October 2010

Crunching video

My poor computer is working overtime tonight.

Over the last two days I've filmed a timelapse video as a group of engineers constructed a special rig.

I just wanted to show the hard work and long hours which go into science.

But now it's a lesson in the hard work and long hours which go into film-making.

For various technical reasons, all the video files (and they are very big) need to go through three pieces of software before I can edit them.

So my (usually) trusty Mac has been crunching the files in the background for the last seven hours.

And it will continue working through the night.

I've been monitoring the computer's CPU temperature as it works. It's currently lurking between 81 and 84 degrees... hotter than usual.

In the end, I expect the three days of work to yield only a few minutes of useful video!!!

The rig being built in the film is just like this one, which I featured in August.


  1. Hmmm 81-84° CPU.
    It needs some supra cooler :-)
    Supra cooler for supra computer :-)

  2. Anw: You will need a photonic computer :-)

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