Thursday, 7 October 2010

A Heck of a Day

The Chemistry Nobel Prize created a hectic day on par with the awarding of the physics prize.

I watched the announcement live with Professor Poliakoff, who immediately burrowed into his box of dog toys for some props.

I think he enjoys the challenge of speaking about it the moment it's announced!

The prize was given to Richard Heck, Ei-ichi Negishi and Akira Suzuki for work in the field of organic chemistry.

So I popped upstairs and grabbed Rob Stockman - an organic chemist who has recently joined the periodicvideos team.

Rob gave me a quick interview, but also suggested I speak to the other organic chemist who appears in our periodicvideos, John Moses.

It turns out John worked briefly with one of the winners.

And John was also able to demonstrate one of the Nobel-winning reactions in his lab.

I think filming reactions to the Nobel Prize within minutes of the announcements adds some excitement. I hope it comes across?

It is the third year we have done it... Here are the previous two:


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