Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Ten of my Favourites

Ten videos from 2013 (from my channels - there were plenty of good ones by other people too!).

(Not necessarily the most popular videos - just some I enjoyed making.)

After following him for years, James Clewett was in the hot seat for his PhD viva (and we had cameras in the room).

A bit of fun on Numberphile, calculating Pie with Pies.

Testing the boiling point of water at different altitudes during a trek to Everest Base Camp.

A "Friday Afternoon Experiment" with the physics guys.

On an amazing trip to the Very Large Telescope in Chile, we witnessed the elusive Green Flash.

Something different - a music video filmed at the Large Hadron Collider.

Our chemistry channel - periodicvideos - marked its 500th film.

With a new camera, we saw the Barking Dog like never before.

Since starting Deep Sky Videos, I had always wanted to see Charles Messier’s grave in Paris.

Comparing science videos to football matches.