Friday, 2 November 2012

News from Japan

The recent confirmation of element 113 by Japanese researchers was a "must cover" for us at The Periodic Table of Videos.

Here's the video with Professor Martyn Poliakoff.


But I also too the opportunity to collaborate with fellow YouTuber KemushiChan, who makes films teaching people Japanese.

She was kind enough to dub the professor.

I hope some people find it useful!


PS: I love Japan so thought I'd share a few snaps from previous trips.

Nothing to do with chemistry - just because it was an excuse to go back over some fun memories!

Pass for the bullet train

At the baseball (it is extra fun in Japan!)

Sneaking backstage at the sumo wrestling

Botching some ritual, no doubt!

Shirt being eaten by a deer

Feeling happy at the Fuji Rock festival

Mt Fuji

My favourite pic!

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