Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Come and see me

I will be giving an hour-long talk at 12pm on Friday, 30 November, 2012.

The talk will be to communications students at Nottingham Trent University - but others are welcome to come along and listen.

It's free!

The talk will be at NTU's Clifton Campus.

It will be in Lecture Theatre Two (aka GYM 030) which is, I'm told, "sort of connected to the George Eliot building and next to the bus stop".

I'll be talking about my work, showing some videos, telling some stories and giving some advice to people who are interested in online videos and/or science and/or just having a fun job.

And I'll hang around afterwards if anyone wants to say hello.


  1. Hey Brady- I'd love to come, but I don't live in the UK. You should stream the lecture online.

  2. Hey Brady, I would also love to come but I have a uni exam that day. Would you be able to record the lecture so I can watch it after my exam?

    P.S. Love your videos, watched almost everything on all your Youtube channels!

  3. Hey Brady,

    Same as the above, I don't live in the UK so it's impossible for me to come. It would be amazing if you could record the talk for us to see it later, or even stream while recording, whatever is easiest.