Thursday, 16 August 2012

24 reactions in 24 hours

On Monday (August 20) I'll be uploading 24 short videos to the periodicvideos YouTube channel.

They will be very short - usually around 20 seconds - and each shows a chemical reaction.

Each video will be released on the hour - sort of like a clock's chime - starting from midnight.

August 20 has been chosen for this celebration of chemistry because it's the birthday of Jöns Jacob Berzelius - a founding father of the field.


Why am I doing this? A few reasons.

1. I've never done it before... It's an experiment.

2. Many of the reactions to be featured were previously buried within longer films - I thought people might like seeing them on their own. They might be useful resource.

3. Seeing the reactions as stand-alone snippets may raise awareness of films we've done in the past that people are unaware of (some were filmed a few years ago).

Many of the reactions are among our most spectacular and fiery, but there are also a few peaceful colour change reactions.

Below is the video I used to introduce the idea and a discussion of Berzelius from Professor Martyn Poliakoff.


  1. Greetings from Sweden. I recomend your wideos for my studens. Easy understandable english for highschool students and very educational. Great you recon Berselius for his work, also in Britain. Do you also cooperate with the Biology department?

    Highschool teacher in Biology, Chemistry and Math.

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