Monday, 9 April 2012

YouTube Mural

Chuffed to see two Sixty Symbols stars - Phil Moriarty and Ed Copeland - were included in a mural of "awesome" YouTube educators.

I don't much about the mural.

It was shown to me by Tweeter @sambrowny and I also know it was recently featured by vSauce.

It was created by someone using the name iamcogita - very cool and thanks for including Sixty Symbols.

Click here to see the mural much bigger!

Here are all the YouTube channels featured (the others are far bigger and more successful than mine):

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  1. The two guys on the left are John and Hank Green, of vlogbrothers/nerdfighter/dftba fame. I've only recently started following them, and they are very good entertainers and educators (in that order - John is a writer and Hank a musician/founder of EcoGeek). My little geek heart skipped a step to see Profs. Moriarty and Copeland alongside them - that is some serious geek cred!