Friday, 6 April 2012

The Egg Nebula and other Easter Stuff

This year I've only made one "Easter video", showcasing the so-called Egg Nebula on Deep Sky Videos.

Here's the film, featuring Professor Mike Merrifield:

But of course, there is an extensive back catalog of Easter videos across various projects...

Egg Crash tests for Sixty Symbols:

Extra Dimensions (or eggstra!) again for Sixty Symbols:

Creme Egg carnage for the Periodic Table of Videos:

MRI scans of Creme Eggs for Sixty Symbols:

Egg Pendulums for Sixty Symbols:

Professor Poliakoff talking eggs for the Periodic Table of Videos:

A Bibledex video about perhaps the most sacred church in Christianity:

And another Bibledex video on the topic of the crucifixion:

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