Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Leap Years, Julian Dates and Neutrinos

I wasn't going to miss an opportunity to have a blog with a 29 February date stamp, was I?

And of course we have a video for the occasion.

This film, from Numberphile, features Dr Meghan Gray.

Dr Gray is better known for her starring role in both Sixty Symbols and Deep Sky Videos.

In the film Dr Gray mentions Julian Dates - and the Julian Date for February 29, 2012, is 2455987.

And in true Numberphile style, one of our viewers has already pointed out this is a prime number!

Another nice little bonus... This video was spotlighted on the front page of YouTube (screen shot right).

Always a fun way to reach new viewers.

And while I'm blogging, I'll also mention the first video uploaded from the Sixty Symbols trip to Geneva.

We were at CERN, visiting the Large Hadron Collider.

Coincidentally while we were there, an announcement was made about the supposed "faster then light neutrinos".

So we made a quick film about it.

Here's an earlier film on the same topic.

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