Saturday, 11 February 2012

Interactive Cubes Win Top Award

An interactive display showcasing our Periodic Table of Videos has picked some major awards.

The Interaction Cubes were created by the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation Museum of Life in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with our permission to use the videos.

Inserting an element cube from the oversized periodic table into a "TV slot" starts our element video playing (with Portuguese subtitles).

The display won two gongs - the "Engaging" category and the "People Choice Award" - at the Interaction Awards held in Dublin!

Professor Poliakoff and I visited the display in Brazil last year. Here is the video we made, showing how it works:

And here is the foundation's own video, which was part of their entry:

Congratulations to our friends in Brazil... We are proud to have made a small contribution to their very clever and well-executed idea.

Photos from our Brazil Trip

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  1. Parabens pro brasil :)

    I spent many weekends at, and i still have lots to see... Congratulations for the website!