Friday, 11 November 2011

Star Gazing with Nik

It's been cloudy all week here in the UK - and Thursday was no exception (right).

So with a heavy heart I got in my car and drove three hours from Nottigham to Essex.

I was meeting Nik Szymanek, one of the UK's best astrophotographers.

The plan was to film Nik in action and capture some images for our soon-to-be-launched series "Deep Sky Videos".

But as I approached Nik's home and the sun started setting, something remarkable happened.

The skies started to clear. The stars came out.

I couldn't believe it.

Nik and I immediately headed into his backyard observatory, convinced the clouds would return.

Bu tthey never did, and we fillmed almost three hours of great footage for Deep Sky Videos.

I should say observing conditions were still not the best, mainly because of the full moon (see below).

But they were certainly better than a complete cloud out!

Nik (right) is a great astrophotographer - but also very good on camera and will certainly be popular with viewers.

Driving home through the night (didn't get back until about 1.30am) I was certainly feeling much happier.

Deep Sky Videos will be launching in earnest from January, but I'm putting a bit of preview footage up beforehand.

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