Thursday, 10 November 2011

Some Extra Gallium Stuff

A interesting little post script to a video we posted a couple of weeks ago.

Annick's image courtesy of RACI
The video was about a periodic table depicting artworks for each element.

In the video, Professor Martyn Polikaoff commented on the element gallium.

It was one of our favourite depictions, although Professor Poliakoff was bemused by a "radioativity symbol" in the portrait.

Well, we have since heard from the artist, Dr Annick Ansselin.

Annick explained: "The reason the radioactive sign is there
is because Gallium is radioactive and used medically as a radioactive
tracer.  By the way, the blue/mauve background refers to its use in the LED and BLUERAY industry."

Professor Poliakoff replied: "How kind of you to write. and explain your thinking.  Your element picture was my favourite!"

More about the RACI's artistic periodic table at this link.

And more Annick's picture at this link.


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