Thursday, 16 June 2011

Einstein, Electrons and the tears of Jesus?

Been up to all sorts of things this week. Certainly an eclectic mix of films.

Here's Albert Einstein featured on My Favourite Scientist... (No-one has cracked my secret coded message within the film yet).

Over at The Periodic Table of Videos, we had Professor Poliakoff on Rio's Copacabana Beach discussing the mystery of the world's missing Xenon.

On Bibledex we discussed on of the book's well-known verses... the famously short "Jesus Wept".

But what is its context and is it really the shortest verse in the Bible?

On Sixty Symbols it was Professor Ed Copeland tackling news that electrons are the most spherical objects in the universe.

On Test Tube, we had some extra footage from that earlier interview with Ed.

And on Backstage Science there was a quick Q&A with a man behind the scences at the Diamond Synchrotron.

Gosh I've been busy this week... And it's only Thursday morning.


  1. I believe I saw some letters on Einstein's forehead.

  2. I've seen all the Periodic Videos, Sixty Symbols, Backstage Science (what a cool job you have), and My Favorite Scientist. I have the Molecular Videos to go, but after that I'll be bereft to be all done. Are there any more projects out there you've done I can watch? More planned for the future? I've gont only one more Feynman lecture to watch online (of those I've found), too. Please tell me how to fill the void in my life once I'm finished.

  3. Oh, thank goodness for! I'm saved for another while! =D