Monday, 8 November 2010

Unexpected photos of Pogson

Our recent video about astronomer Norman Pogson has unearthed a surprising result.

The video's part of the series My Favourite Scientist. Dr Daniel Brown from Nottingham Trent University chose to speak about Nottingham-born Pogson.

Pogson - who did significant work on stars and asteroids - died in India in 1891 and faded into history somewhat.

After posting the video to YouTube, we received an email from Pogson's great great grand daughter - a woman named Julie who lives in Australia.

Julie is a descendant of Pogson's daughter, Fanny Sappho.

And Julie has been kind enough to share some photos from the family's personal collection.

First, here are a few of Pogson himself.

And here's Mrs Pogson:

And finally here's Fanny, one of their daughters:

Our thanks to Julie for getting in touch and showing us these photos.


  1. I am also a descendent of Norman Pogson (he had many offspring) and I do not believe the two second pictures to be of Pogson, though very pleased to see two of Elizabeth, his wife. I also have a photograph of Fanny Sappho's two daughters together with Norman's daughter Isis & her husband Capt. Kent. I would like to get in touch with Julie and share information. Sarita.

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