Monday, 30 August 2010

A Golden Collection

There can be few elements more alluring than gold.

And at long last we've updated our main gold video for The Periodic Table of Videos.

But I thought I'd take this chance to look at all our gold-themed videos.

First here's the new one, sacrificing my Casio watch for science:

And here are a couple of extra "nuggets" which didn't make the main video - but still super interesting. Featured is Phil Moriarty for our Sixty Symbols videos:

Here's a video in which we dissolved gold in aqua regia:

Here's a discussion of Fool's Gold, which we made for April Fool's Day (complete with pirate story)!

And here's a video about gold we made while in Ethiopia:

A discussion of gold, silver and bronze which we made to mark the Olympics (and featuring Pete's beloved Welsh gold):

And here's our recent discussion about gold and the World Cup trophy:

And finally, our first ever gold video (which has now been updated of course)!

That's a lot of videos about gold, but I don't think they are our last because everyone always loves hearing stuff about gold.

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