Monday, 5 August 2013

Six videos at once

Today I put up six videos for the "Brainiac Day" of YouTube's Geek Week... (I don't name these things)

Apparently I had to put them up at 7am (I also don't make the rules), so I woke up early and had a busy and bleary-eyed half hour!

The videos are (in the order I would suggest watching!?)

1. The Scale of the Universe - an epic song featuring Dave Lens and ViHart

2. What if the Death Star was real?

3. What if the Universe is just a Computer Simulation?

4. What if ice did not float?

5. The Making of the Scale of the Universe (behind the scenes at CERN, etc)

6. Extra footage from Phil Moriarty on the Universe Simulation stuff!

Still going? Here is Dave's spoken word version of that song!

Here you can get it on iTunes.

Oh and a couple of our guys (Professors Poliakoff and Merrifield) had cameos here.

When you're done with them (?!), I see the always amazing yet truthful Veritasium just put up a cool Geek Week video too!


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