Friday, 2 July 2010

Achtung: More Words

Do you know why U2 called their album Achtung Baby? Why Spanish headwear is worn in Ireland? What "fooding" is?

Well I do (now) because of my latest project, Words of The World.

Check out the main site because it is starting to shape and look quite striking - or follow us via YouTube if that is your thing!?

The latest ecclectic collection of words added to the video collection include Achtung, Balkan, Cuisine, Terroir and Mantilla.

The "Balkan" film, featuring David Norris, is one I especially enjoyed and found enlightening.

He explains why the famous peninsula in Europe shouldn't really be called Balkan... And why the common use the word Balkanization means the opposite of what it should!

But I think all the word videos are fascinating and contain great snippets of information and academic insight!

Go on - watch some and learn something!


  1. Great insights and explanations. The clip about 'Achtung', the linguistic angle, sound and shape of the word was very interesting to me even as native German speaker.

  2. When basketball was discovered, the hoop was actually a basket, hence the name basketball. As time went on, the basic backboard became bigger, and as rules changed, the net was added.