Friday, 28 May 2010

A Feast of Quarks

Well here's a gourmet buffet of video and pictures about quarks - all posted today.

First our main video for Sixty Symbols, in which Professor Roger Bowley actually eats a quark!!!

Next, I've posted some extra material to Test Tube which I often do for those people who want more science.

It's stuff not used the main film, including Professor Ed Copeland's story of the day he met Murray Gell-Mann (the man who named quarks).

And last but not least, regular Sixty Symbols viewers may know that I like posting physics scribbles from the project at our Sixty Symbols Flickr site.

Professor Copeland was kind enough to "donate" his revision notes which he made before filming the quarks video.

I wouldn't call them scribbles though. They're incredibly neat.

You can click on the image to see more of his notes.

The Professor didn't use the notes during filming, he says he just made them because it helps him remember stuff.

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