Friday, 19 March 2010

Debbie Does... Boron Tribromide

Our very own Debbie Kays features in the latest addition to the Periodic Table of Videos - a film about the molecule Boron Tribromide.

Debbie's mild obsession with Boron has been a long-running joke amongst the team - she studied it extensively for her PhD and has discussed in several other videos.

She even hung a boron-based molecule on our Christmas Chemistry Tree a few months back.

Boron Tribromide is probably an unlikely molecule to have featured in our series about molecules, but I like to throw in things that people don't expect.

If we make every video about all the famous molecules like water, carbon dioxide, etc, we'd be a bit boring and predictable.

I like that no-one can guess what me might do next!

And if you've watched it, this new video is a little unpredictable in its own right - especially Professor Poliakoff's unexpected discussion of Lewis Acids and the mysterious death of Gilbert Lewis himself.

Trivia for the real PTOV geeks: If you're super observant, you'll have noticed the cover of Debbie's PhD features her maiden name!


  1. And she does it extremely well! Scientists should be able to handle unpredictability ;)